I’m always looking for connection — searching for that unguarded look into the camera, the uncontrollable giggle shared mid-kiss, the single tear on your dad’s cheek… Some moments feel big, so I photograph them cinematically, to try to get at that larger-than-life, overwhelming & magical feeling. Some moments are about relaxed candid laughter, so I document photo-journalistically, trying to fill the frame with how fun that easy joy felt. Some moments are sweet & intimate, so I put you in good light, then stand back and shoot long & quiet, looking for the delicate subtleties in your relationship & love.


Bride and Groom Laughing and Happy During First Look on Wedding Day
Bride and Groom with clouds reflected in water behind him dreamy photograph
Modern bridal portrait of a blonde bride with an updo, shiny earrings, and a low-back dress looking over her shoulder
Black and white photograph of a maid of honor helping her sister into her wedding dress
Emotional Wedding Photo with Good Composition with Trees as Background
Married couple happy and laughing on their wedding day, modern relaxed genuine wedding portraits
Bride and Groom at Sunset on coastline, sitting on large rocks Off Camera Flash beautiful light reflecting on water
Newlywed Couple laughing on the terrace at Turning Stone
Fun candid portrait of bride jumping during wedding reception alternative wedding photographer
Bride and groom laughing at night portrait with string light in the trees
Bride and Groom newlywed picture dramatic dip pose on dock with sunset clouds and lake
Same Sex Gay Couple just married kissing as gold confetti falls around them
Ethereal Church wedding photo, tilt shift romantic alternative wedding photographer Utica
Bride laughing as her father walks her down the aisle on her wedding day during her outdoor ceremony
Dreamyy tilt-shift photograph of a serene bride having her makeup done by a makeup artist with tattoos
Bride putting on white sneakers on her wedding day
Bridesmaids reacting to bride in her dress gown for the first time amazing candid genuine moment wedding photography
Laughing wedding couple with bokeh Utica
Hayloft on the Arch Groom Reacts to bride coming down the aisle crying black and white emotional genuine wedding photo
Bride and groom emotional after first Look, Great Composition Artistic wedding photography
Black and white photo of an emotional bride crying as her father opens his arms to hug her
Bride and Groom Skiing wedding McCauley Mountain Old Forge,
Dramatic Wedding photo of a groom lifting a bride in the air with a moody evening sky as the background
Emotional photo of wedding guests crying and filming with their phones
A wedding reception centerpiece with candles and white roses at Turning Stone
Newlywed couple dancing under a vintage theater marquee
Macro photography picture of wedding rings with bokeh in background
Modern portrait of a genuinely happy bride laughing with fall leaves out of focus in the background
Tender romantic photograph of a newlywed couple standing on the steps of a building covered in green ivy
A happy bride and groom laughing as he carries her in his arms, with a barn in the background
Dance party at a wedding reception, and a woman is pulling on a man's tie as he dances
a newlywed couple on the dance floor at their reception: he lifts her up into the air like the movie Dirty Dancing

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A romantic photo of a couple almost kissing in an alleyway, with the bricks in the walls compositionally leading the eye to the couple



A bride cries while smiling during her first look with her future husband

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