Dave & Siobhan's wedding day was beautiful; it was the perfect September day, temperate in the afternoon sun. The styling was a perfect combination of elevated & rustic, with the most wonderfully welcoming laidback vibes. The couple said their I do's in front of a rose and eucalyptus covered arbor, then proceeded to dance the night away with live band Showtime keeping the dance floor packed and groovin'.

Getting Ready

I loved this window! If you can get ready in a space with a giant window, do it! It photographs so beautifully, and just feels good to bask in the sun for a bit on the morning of your wedding :)

The Groom Sees the Bride

This is one of my all time favorite shots to try to get at a wedding day; the groom's reaction to the bride coming down the aisle, but with the bride in the foreground of the image. But because I'm usually at the front of the ceremony space getting coverage of the bride coming down the aisle, it's only possible to get this shot with a good second shooter!

Check out this Brenizer-style panoramic from their ceremony! I absolutely love how this turned out.

Another reason to consider a second shooter; Adam's taking a clean classic shot of the couple coming down the aisle as husband and wife, while I'm taking a risk on lining up this tilt-shift shot.

I absolutely love tilt-shift shots; they just look so dreamy!

This photograph above, of Dave & Siobhan holding Utica Clubs together, is one of my favorite of the day. It's not compositionally daring, or anything flashy in terms of posing. But its casualness is the thing I love about it -- it feels like the type of thing your mom might tack up on the refrigerator at camp, no pretense -- just two people in love, enjoying a moment together, not so different from the many more moments yet to come :)

Let the party begin!!

I adore this photo of Dave jammin' out to Showtime with the dance floor in full swing behind him!!